Would you like to join us and become a volunteer Heartstart Instructor? You will gain a great deal of satisfaction working within an extremely worthwhile organisation and knowing that you are contributing to your community.

Our volunteer Instructors come from various backgrounds, business personnel, teachers, nurses, ambulance crews, first aiders, unemployed and retired.

As an Instructor, you decide where, when and how many classes you attend (although we do require a commitment to attend at least 6 classes per year).

No previous knowledge of first aid is required as we provide all the necessary training and support.

You should be over 18 years of age and hold a valid Driving License.

Instructors must be relatively fit, as the equipment used is heavy and you will be required to collect, carry and set up equipment prior to a class.

The Heartstart course is a practical class, with time spent kneeling on the floor.  If you suffer from a knee or back problem you may have difficulty in this situation.

You will be required to complete an application form and supply the names of two referees (non family members).

As we occasionally work with children and vulnerable adults, it is mandatory that a Disclosure Scotland check is carried out.

As a Volunteer Instructor we ask that you take part in six classes per year to keep your skills up-to-date and attend a yearly refresher course.

The Training program:
The first step for a potential Instructor is to attend a two hour Community Heartstart Class, thus giving you an opportunity to meet other Instructors and observe them teaching.  

Following completion of your application form and receipt of the two references, you will receive an Instructor Handbook for study and you will be invited to attend four hours of practical training (usually carried out over two x 2 hour sessions).  

Please note:  You will not become a qualified Instructor until completing a probationary period by attending a number of community classes and have been assessed by our Training Officer. Until you are qualified you must not state on any job application or CV that you are a Heartstart Instructor - to do so will be considered a False Statement.



Instructor Awards