Heartstart Ayrshire & Arran was founded in 1994. The Heartstart program is a national initiative by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to promote the teaching of Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills to the general public by encouraging local bodies interested in ELS. 

As a charity, we deliver quality training, on a not-for-profit basis, delivered free at the point of delivery to anyone willing to to be trained, in keeping with the ethos of the British Heart Foundation and the National Health Service. 

All our funds are channeled back into the delivery of training. In this way were able to train those people who would not otherwise receive training, in particular those who are unable to access ELS training through their occupation or by attending commercial training.

We are affiliated to and have a close working relationship with Heartstart UK, as well as the British Heart Foundation. The BHF indemnify our activities within our sphere of operation, providing a nationally consistent and recognized working framework and curriculum of training.

All our training is performed to the letter of the ELS guidelines supplied by the UK Resuscitation Council and European Resuscitation council.

To date, Heartstart Ayrshire & Arran have trained over 60,00 people within Ayrshire & Arran, equivalent to over 12% of our population.

All our Instructors are unpaid volunteers and we have recruited Instructors from all works of life, many having a background in NHS care provision, often with experience in acute services, ambulance service and cardiology, however, some of our non-medical Instructors have been the most committed and prolific members of our team.
Dr John D Gemmill
Consultant Cardiologist
Director Heartstart Ayrshire & Arran

Prince Edward

  Public Class ACH