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Number of attendees:
For insurance purposes, we require a risk assessment of your venue, please submit this information as soon as possible so we may proceed with your booking:
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Room, Floor, Name of Building, Street, Town & Postcode of the venue being used for training:
Please indicate if there are any steps leading to the building/entrance and provide details of where the Instructors can park their cars as close to the entrance as possible to unload heavy equipment.  Spaces must be made available should your venue have a private car park
The name and contact telephone number of the person who will meet the Instructor at the main door of the venue to direct the Instructor to the room being used. (Please note Instructors will arrive 30 minutes prior to the class time.)
Confirm your training room has sufficient clear floor space for the numbers attending
(6sq ft per person):
Confirm that a ground floor training room is being used. If not the ground floor, confirm a lift is available:

Confirmation of this booking:

  • After providing the above information, you must then contact us 10-14 days prior to the class date to confirm the number of attendees so that the relevant number of Instructors and manikins can be arranged. 
  • Your booking will only be confirmed when the number of attendees is received. 
  • Should we not hear from you, we cannot schedule Instructors/equipment and this provisional booking will be cancelled without notice.

Heartstart Ayrshire & Arran is a Registered Charity and to provide this service free of charge we operate under very tight financial constraints, therefore, we must enforce the following conditions of service:

When booking a class for 8-11 people:

  • It is not viable for Heartstart Ayrshire & Arran to take bookings of less that 8 people. 
  • It is the responsibility of the organiser of your group to ensure there is an attendance of 8 or more people.  Should the turn out be less than 8, it will be at the discretion of the Instructor if they proceed with the class and an expenses fee of £10.00 per head may be charged.  Should the class not proceed, a fee of £45.00 may be charged to cover our expenses/administrative costs.

When booking classes of 12 and above:

  • In the event of additional Instructors and equipment being booked but not required, (ie: if more than 2 people fail to attend) an expenses fee of £45.00 may be incurred. Therefore, we advise that you inform us of any change of numbers prior to the class date.


  • Should you find you have to cancel this booking, you must do so prior to the confirmation.  Otherwise all administrative and equipment services will have been carried out and to cover our expenses a charge of £45.00 may be made to your organisation.

Heartstart Instructors:

  • All Heartstart Ayrshire & Arran Instructors are volunteers, thus receive no fee for providing this service.  We rely on you to organise your venue and group as efficiently as possible to eliminate any difficulties for our Instructors.


  • Heartstart Ayrshire & Arran do not charge a fee for this training, however, we wish to stress that we rely on donations to be able to continue this vital community work.  We will enclose a donation envelope with your confirmation letter and any donation will be gratefully received.